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Update April 4 2023


My apologies for cluttering your feed today.  The HKC shows are less than 5 days away so there are a few reminders that may help your experience.

Remember last year when you were doing calisthenics to show your friends and neighbours how limber you were after the long Covid lock downs?  Remember that you had packed for spring only to find that winter was not yet behind us.  Well, the venue is the same and spring has really not sprung.  Warm clothes might be a good plan with our weather forecast ranging from a high of 10 (Yeah) to a high of 3 (Boo- brrrr).

The regulations at the Dome remain unchanged.  Absolutely no beverages nor any food in the Dome itself with the exception of water.  Please remind your friends and dog show neighbours if they forget.  Don't make the show committee have to take on a policing role.  Take responsibility for yourself and help others.  We all forget.  We all make mistakes and a reminder from friends is easier to take than one from volunteers who have enough on their plates.

If you have a grooming set up, you need a tarp or drop sheet.  Let's keep it simple.  This facility has small children playing on the turf when we leave it.  Keep it as clean as is possible.  There will be accidents.  Just take some of that water in your set up and pour it on the area.  Don't rub it in and don't use product, please.  But the tarps you bring make a huge improvement in cleanliness, show the local public that we are making a great effort.  We so appreciate you bringing and using tarps/mats/ground sheets.  

Do not throw bait, do not bring dog food into the venue to feed full meals and, when you do drop bait or food, please pick it up.  Don't leave it to get ground into the turf.  Do not allow your dogs to urinate on the building - walk them to the perimeter of the property, a few more feet, and show regard for the property.  These acts make a big difference in our continued use of this beautiful venue.

Parking will be tight.  There is hockey on Friday and Saturday.  We will cone off an area for drop off of dogs and equipment at the front of the building.  If you can't find parking after drop off, there is overflow parking at the school next door.  There is absolutely no parking of large vehicles or vehicles with anything in tow nor is there RV parking in the side lot.  If you have any requirement for parking of anything larger than a minivan, please email me immediately at and I will explain the limited space that may be available to you.  This is on a first come first served basis.  

There are new restaurants and take outs in the area.  Bitars is open all week end.  Jessy's is now in Elmsdale just beyond Pizza Perfect.  Aroma Maya coffee and designer donuts is in Enfield, Meltwich is in the mall.  Cup of Soul is still on Hwy 214.  The canteen in the Sportsplex is open all week end.

Remember Exit 8A is the most convenient to the Dome and remember that there are several rotaries to navigate.  If you are rotary averse, take Exit 8 instead.  

Our judges are looking forward to seeing you, our show committee is looking forward to welcoming you, Jill has worked hard to provide some lovely prizes and there will be armband draws throughout the weekend.  

We are so very pleased to have a great entry.  That bodes well for a wonderful show season ahead and will offer lots of competition this week end.  It will be great to see your smiling faces and all of your wonderful dogs!


Good morning ladies and gentlemen (April 2 2023)

Notification has been posted on Canuck dogs with the judging schedule that set up for the HKC shows will be at 11:00 am. HKC has access to the building at 8:00 Friday morning. We then set up. Our large rental truck is at the loading dock until it is completely unloaded. Once that unloading is complete, provided you are able to manage the air lock unloading on your own and you are willing to set up at the unloading door end of the building, you are welcome to queue to unload in that area. If you prefer to be in the socially distanced area or in the area directly to the right of the regular entrance, you will have to wait for set up completion.

It is our hope that we will be sufficiently far along in set up that we will be able to have you enter the Dome for regular set up between 10:15 and 10:45 but there is no guarantee. We will do our best This does not mean coming in to the building and lining up outside the airlock door, folks. This is a public building and access is available to us to transit the lobby area on the way to the Dome. We ask that you remain outside with any dogs and equipment until we are able to advise that access to the Dome is available.

So, in summary, we are doing our best to have you with us as early as is possible. If you find this explanation overly complicated, we can, of course, revert to simply saying 11 o'clock entry. but if you can work with us, we will try to have you in as early as we can manage after setting up. 

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